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Odisha MLAs meet Energy Minister for a strong solar policy

Bhubaneswar: MLAs cutting across party lines on Sunday met Odisha Energy Minister Pranab Prakash Das and urged him to expedite the finalization and implementation of a robust solar power policy in Odisha.
The MLAs, Anant Das, Amar Satpathy, Prafulla Samal, Prasant Muduli of BJD, Chiranjeev Biswal and Ansuman Mohanty of Congress and Dilip Ray of BJP met the Minister and handed him over a letter to this effect. 

As per reports, Odisha receives an average of 5.5 kwh/sq m of solar insolation per year with around 300 clear sunny days. The feasible potential for power generation in the solar photovoltaic and the solar thermal routes in Odisha have been roughly estimated as 8000 MW and 2000 MW respectively. Such high resource availability provides an opportunity for the state to actively utilize solar energy as a complementary source to the conventional energy sources. Besides, with the rapid decline in cost of generation, solar power can ensure universal electrification by way of reaching the remote areas in the state quickly and in a cost effective manner. It is worth noting that recently many states have come up with initiatives specific to solar power generation. Some states like Gujarat, Karnataka, Uttarakhand, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh etc. have either implemented their state solar policies or have come up with aggressive solar capacity addition targets in their states.

Highlighting the need for a comprehensive solar policy for Odisha, Congress MLA Chinanjeev Biswal mentioned that it is very important to encourage development of solar technology and address energy security issues in the State which can effectively be done when there is a Solar Power Policy in place.
BJP MLA Dillip Ray has given thrust on productive use of wastelands, providing incentive to solar manufacturing agencies and creating an R&D hub for solar power technologies and creation of performance testing facilities for all types of solar energy devices to ensure supply of quality devices. 

During the discussion the Minister also highlighted that the State Government, has plan to set up  20MW IPP Solar project in Rengali, under JNNSM Batch 1, Phase II under Viability Gap Funding Scheme, 1MW at Mukhiguda in Kalahandi under State scheme, Smart Grid project in Chhatrapur, 5MW Grid connected roof-top project and many more.

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