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Training for district Central Cooperative Bank officials held

Bhubaneswar, October 8: Keeping in view the urgent requirement arising out of a recent amendment to the National Banking (Regulation) Act, 1949, the STCI (State Trading Center of India) organized a training camp for bank officials at Bhubaneswar recently.

According to information, senior officials of all 17 Central Cooperative Banks in the state attended the camp. Worth mentioning the recent amendment makes it mandatory for all Cooperative Banks to share a stipulated amount from its total deposits as Statutory Liquidity Ratio (SLR) investment.

The recognized Primary Dealer (PD) of Reserve Bank of India, STCI having expertise in Treasury and Bond business sectors organized the training camp at Odisha State Cooperative Bank here under the chairmanship of bank’s MD Tusharkanti Panda. 

STCI vice president Sidhharth Saha and two assistant vice presidents Satish Sharma and Anshul Arora were also present in this training camp. Around 35 senior officials from all 17 cooperative banks attended the training.

While STCI vice chairman Siddharth Shah spoke on the usability of the new law in profit making for the banks, Satish Sharma and Anshul Arora imparted detailed information on the new law.

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