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Assembly sine die: Narasingha slams Naveen for holding Opp responsible

Bhubaneswar, December 6: Leader of Opposition in Odisha Assembly on Saturday came down heavily on Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik for holding Opposition for disrupting proceedings of the House and said adjournment of the winter session of the House sine die ahead of schedule was the game plan of the former.   

“It is very unfortunate to hear the statement of the CM that due to continuous disturbances by the Opposition the proceedings of the House were disrupted and many serious topics relating to welfare of the State could not be discussed. But the fact is that the adjournment of the House sine die was the game plan of Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik to avoid discussion on chit fund scam before the session started and Speaker Niranjan Pujari also cooperated in this,” alleged Mishra.

He further charged that while Government Chief Whip brought a motion to sine die the House citing that no more business was left for discussion, the CM outside the House said many serious issues could not be discussed for the Opposition’s disruptions which exposed the real face of the CM.

Lashing out at the ruling party for its “dictatorship”, Mishra said, “The Treasury Bench members disrupted nine days of the total 14 days the House met. Then, on what morality the Chief Minister is raising finger at the Opposition?”

The Opposition had given adjournment motions on land and mining scams and moved motions on the chit fund scam and unemployment problem. But on all these days, it was the BJD members who rushed to the Well of the House first.

He also targeted the Speaker and said the latter on many occasions even did not look at him when he stood to speak something.

Opposition Chief Whip in the Assembly Tara Prasad Bahinipati and MLAs Chiranjibi Biswal, Prafulla Majhi, Prakash Behera, Ansuman Mohanty and Debendra Sharma were present at the Press meet.

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