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Odisha scraps tourism status of Jhinti-based Trahi Achyuta ashram

Bhubaneswar, September 3: Four days after the arrest of Jhinti Sasan-based Trahi Achyuta ashram chief Surendra Mishra and his two sons for alleged ‘illegal activities’, the Odisha Government has scarped the tourism stats of the ashram. 
The tourism department which had accorded the status to the ashram spread over 20 acre in 2010-11 on Thursday withdrew the status after verifying  documents and guidelines based on which the official recognition was given to the ashram.
The department also deleted ashram’s name from its official website, sources said. On the, the place has been described as a pilgrim spot.

Earlier in the week, ruling BJD spokesperson Pratap Keshari Deb had informed that the government might scrap the tourism status of the ashram. 

Deb's reaction came after opposition political parties cried foul over giving the ashram the tourism tag in the first place. 

Hundreds of local residents barged into the ashram and went on the rampage, alleging that the Baba had grabbed valuable government land and promoted immoral activities. The very next day, police arrested him and his sons.

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