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Solar Power Cart: One stop solution for post cyclone energy need

Bhubaneswar, October 29: Solar Power Cart (Soura Ratha), a three-wheeler trolley which would produce up to 1kw green energy and help in providing hassle free power supply in emergency situations was displayed at the State level exhibition here unveiled by Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik.

During disaster, once charged, this innovation can provide emergency energy for continuous 72 hours.

Designed technically to serve at the cyclone shelter centres, the cart is well equipped and first of its kind innovation. Being conceptualised and developed by Practical Action Foundation in collaboration with Climate Parliament and with support from OREDA and OSDMA.

The senior officials from State administration appreciated the initiative during their visit at the State level observance of Odisha Disaster Preparedness Day and National Day for Disaster Reduction.

“Accessing energy and power for basic needs like charging mobiles or emergency lights or using water pumps for water was always a challenge post disaster. Even during Phailin in 2013, there was complete power back-out in most of the places in Ganjam district for more than a week. To address this issue and to be well prepared before disaster, this new innovation will be much helpful and ideal,” said energy expert Sanjit Behera of the Practical Action.

The device is a compact solution loaded with appliances and can provide services like illumination, water pumping, charging of mobiles, laptops and charge lights etc. 

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