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Discovery channel to present 1 hour show on Rath Yatra on Mon

Bhubaneswar, July 1:  Discovery Channel’s Discover India series will showcase one hour special programme, ‘Spirit of India-RathYatra’ at 9 pm on July 4 (Monday).

The programme will bring to its viewers the annual car festival (Rath yatra) and the spectacle of how over one and a half million people congregate for a holy gathering into a single street Grand Road in Puri, pulling the chariots by hand on a three kilometer journey, all in the honour of Lord Jagannath and His siblings elder brother Lord Balabhadra and younger their sister Goddess Subhadra.

Presented by UK born Indian actor Danny Sura, the special programme will take viewers on a pilgrimage to the temple city Puri, which is considered one of the four abodes (Char Dham) that every Hindu must visit in their lifetime.  The programme will showcase the grand procession of pulling three gigantic chariots, the interaction with the community whose livelihood is dependent on designing these chariots and many other famous mythological tales behind its festivities.

The programme will also unravel the pre-celebration activities which start about two weeks ago and the culmination of the momentous yatra. 

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