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RKVY aid for growth of tanks/ponds for intensive aquaculture

Bishnupada Sethy
Bhubaneswar, July 18: A project proposal submitted by the Fisheries and Animal Resources Development (F&ARD) Department was approved in the State-level sanctioning Committee of Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojana (RKVY) on July 15 under the chairmanship of the Chief Secretary.

The project aims at creating 400 Ha water area in private land across the State during 2016-17 with a subsidy assistance of 50 percent thereby increasing the inland fish production to meet the demand of the State as well as ensure income generation and employment through propagation of aquaculture in the State, said F&ARD Secretary Bishnupada Sethy.

The unit cost is Rs 7 lakh/Ha for construction of new pond/tanks including construction of sluice gates, civil works for water supply, aeration appliances, feed storing shed etc. and Rs 1.50 lakh/ha for fish culture which includes cost of fish/prawn seed, feed, manure, disease prevention measures, transportation charges etc. basing on the Blue Revolution guidelines issued by the Government of India.

A maximum of 2.00 ha for each farmer will be supported to undertake intensive aquaculture. Site selection and identification of beneficiary at block level will be done by field level fishery officials. Cluster approach will be preferred for site selection to facilitate availability of fingerlings for stocking and other supports. Beneficiary will be encouraged to undertake fingerling rearing at own source. The total cost of the project is Rs 17.50 crores.

Recently, the State Government has notified the Odisha Fisheries Policy, 2015, which envisages creating 3000 Ha water area annually for doubling fish production in next five years. This project will support for creation of 400 ha water area and about 800 fish farmers of the state would get the benefit with annual additional fish production of 2000 metric ton. Interested farmers having suitable land can avail bank finance for construction of pond for which interest subvention of five percent would also be available.

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