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Free Wi-Fi at Cuttack railway station from Puja

Bhubaneswar, Sep 22: As a part of an ambitious project towards Digital India initiative by Indian Railways, Wi-Fi services will be provided at Cuttack railway station during Durga Puja time.

Cuttack railway station will now gain the distinguished status of having high-speed internet facility in the country for its thousands of passengers who travel everyday by trains.

Designed to offer users the best Internet experience, RailWire Wi-Fi will be available to any user who has a working mobile connection o­n a smart phone or o­n any laptop device. This is all a part of East Coast Railway’s continuing endeavors to provide more and better comforts to its esteemed passengers.

ECoR General Manager Umesh Singh on his visit to Cuttack railway station on Thursday announced that Wi-Fi service will be enabled at Cuttack Station any time near Durga Puja festival which falls in October. Provision of Wi-fi from October will be a humble Service by East Coast Railway before Durga Puja Festival, added Singh.

Construction work for provision of Lift at Platform umber-1 & 2 is going on and will be completed very soon which will help the senior and divyang passengers a lot. Similarly, escalators will be provided at Cuttack Station shortly after completion of some ongoing developmental works at Cuttack Station. Giving priority to Cuttack Station, Singh said that Cuttack Station will have all facilities according to the norms and status of the Station, stated a ECoR statement.

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