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ECoR plans massive ticket check drive

Bhubaneswar, October 8: The East coast Railway (ECoR) have started a drive to check without ticket/irregular ticket travel by trains in its jurisdiction. Massive ticket checking drives involving Commercial Ticket Checking Staff as well as Railway Protection Force (RPF) are being conducted on all sections of three Railway Divisions on a regular basis.

In September 2016, as many as 43 Fortress Checks and eight Ambush Checks were conducted during which 5,521 (4819+702=5521) passengers travelling without ticket/irregular ticket were apprehended and fare with penalty amounting Rs 22,51,910 collected.

In addition, 1,440 cases of un-booked luggage were also detected and penalty of Rs 1,19,215 was collected.

The ECoR authorities have planned to conduct similar checks in coming months also to ensure that all passengers travelling by trains do so after purchasing valid tickets. The checks were appreciated by public at large.

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