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46% of State Plan utilised by Oct-end

Bhubaneswar, Nov 10: The State Plan budget utilisation up to October, 2016 has touched around 46 percent of the budget provision thereby marking an increase of around 18.37 percent compared to the utilisation during 2015-16.

This was revealed at a meeting of all Secretaries held under the chairmanship of Chief Secretary Aditya Prasad Padhi at the State Secretariat on Thursday wherein Special Secretary (Finance) Ashok Kumar Meena presented the updates for discussion.

Reviewing the progress, the Chief Secretary directed all departments to keep close watch over the field level implementation of the flagship programmes. The departments were also directed to put more public services online and develop mobile apps for the public services notified under Odisha Right to Public Services Act so that citizens can easily apply from their own mobiles.

Principal Secretaries and Secretaries of the concerned departments were advised to finalise the facilitating and regulating policies that are under preparation within November 17.

The Chief Secretary also advised the departments to transact more number of files through OSAWAS and minimize the use of hard files. Development Commissioner R Balakrishnan participating in discussion advised the departments to review the existing multiple schemes and asses how many of them can be converged and how many of them are redundant.

The discussion regarding disposal of grievances received through e-abhijog figured in the meeting. It was seen that around 86 percent of such grievances have been disposed up to November 7.

Available data show around Rs 20872 crore has been utilized under state plan up to October, 2016 which is around 46 percent of the total budget estimate. The utilization in agriculture and allied sectors has been around 49 percent of the budget estimate i.e. Rs 5393 crore in real terms. The expenditure in this sector has increased by 5 percent over the expenditure of last fiscal during the same period.

Similarly, the infrastructure spending has also gone up to around 56 percent of the budget estimate marking a growth of around two percent over the last year. The utilization in this sector has been to the tune of Rs 6043 crore in real terms up to October, 2016. Social sector spending has also touched Rs 8373 crore marking an increase of around 4 percent over the last year. The total revenue collection up to October, 2016 has been around Rs 15,153 crore. Chief Secretary Padhi advised the revenue earning departments to scale up revenue collection to meet higher expenditure in infrastructure and agriculture sectors.  

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