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Tech-based hoarding management on cards in Bhubaneswar

Bhubaneswar, Nov 5: After coming across several illegal hoardings in the city, erected without due permission, the Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation (BMC) has given a week’s time for their immediate removal. 

After the expiry of a week’s time, a special enforcement squad will remove the hoardings and recover the cost associated with their removal from the owners. Municipal Commissioner Dr. Krishan Kumar announced today that the special squad would continue the enforcement for three months to streamline the display business across the city.

In order to provide a beautiful skyline, otherwise cluttered with uncontrolled and haphazard display of advertisements, the civic body has come up with an action plan to cleanse the city’s look with aesthetically sound and sensitively structured billboards across the state capital.

With hundreds of archaeologically important monuments dotting the cityscape and the building of the Smart City in the pipeline, the civic body will start the enforcement in order to streamline the advertising contract management and also structuring it with IT tools to ensure better and more collection of revenue. It has also been decided to link individual hoardings and kiosks to a common GIS platform like Bhubaneswar-1 so that citizens can access these information. 

Roof Top Advertisements: As the city is within the cyclonic zone and there is a threat from the dangerous structures on the roof tops for the nearby roads and traffic, their presence will be prohibited. In fact, during the past, apart from cyclonic winds, thunderstorms had also caused several accidents in which roof top hoardings have caused serious damages to the vehicles and public property and lives. BMC will also come up with a public notification that the existing buildings with roof top advertisements need to submit certificates of structural stability and occupancy certificates for existing approval for the fiscal year 2016-17.

No hoarding zone: The BMC authorities will identify no hoarding zones with reference to monuments, religious places, educational institutions and other important places so that the basic aesthetics of the city’s characteristic urban canvas would not be degenerated and disturbed.

Identified places for advertisements: Advertisements for seasonal business i.e will be issued by the Additional Commissioner. The respective Zonal Deputy Commissioners will identify locations in their zones for taking up the activities. Advertisements put up on heritage buildings and walls will also be removed.

Bus Stop Advertisement: As per the directives of the AG Odisha, regarding allowing of advertisements on bus stops after the expiry of 5-year-time period, records will be scrutinised and placed for appropriate orders to stop revenue loss.

Traffic Lights: Use of advertisements on traffic posts will no longer be allowed as they are causing concerns with respect to public safety and road safety.

Special Squad: The Municipal Commissioner has also ordered formation of a special squad on advertisements with four teams under the control of Additional Commissioner for daily-based enforcement in this regard in BMC. While three teams will be placed in three zones, one will be placed in the central office.

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