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Odisha offers 30% subsidy for rooftop solar projects

Bhubaneswar, August 23, 2017: Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik on Wednesday launched the web portal of grid connected Rooftop Solar programme in the State. The website was aimed at making the programme easily accessible to the common citizens with 30 percent Government subsidy.
Patnaik restated focus on harnessing renewable energy and utlising it productively in various spheres of economy.

“Odisha is one of the first few States to prepare its Climate Change Action Plan. Grid connected rooftop solar systems are best options for adding renewable solar capacity. These decentralized systems strengthen the grid, reduce losses and benefit public,” said Patnaik.

A handbook was also launched on the occasion. He hoped that establishment of rooftop solar systems through net metering will be well-accepted by the public and wished the initiative all success.

As per data available, the rooftop potential in Odisha has been estimated at 5,000 MW.  For the current year a target of 8 MW has been fixed of which 4MW has been exclusively assigned to Bhubaneswar solar city.

The grid connected roof top programme is primarily meant for consumers of utility power. The  consumers  can  install  small  solar  plants  on their   rooftops   and consume  the  generated   solar  power  during  day time.   Excess power if any, can be exported to the grid at 220V/440V levels through their service cables.  The exported power is metered on a special type of meter call Net-Meter which is provided by the respective power distribution companies.

The positive difference of import from the grid and export to the grid is billed to the consumer. In this manner the consumer can reduce his consumption of utility power by using his own solar power   and simultaneously can get a reduced bill on account of export of solar power to the grid.

To support the renewable energy initiatives, the State Government announced Odisha Renewable Energy Policy in November 2016. The policy envisages renewable energy capacity addition 2700MW by 2022.  A major part of this capacity addition target has been assigned to solar with a share of 2200 MW. This capacity includes land base projects, canal based projects, grid connected rooftop projects as well as off-grid solar projects, said a Chief Minister’s Office (CMO) statement.

So far a total capacity of 68 MW has been commissioned in the State.  To further facilitate   land based solar parks are being created in suitable locations in the state. Besides, the policy provides different incentives and enabling environment for the same. 

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