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New initiatives to position Bhubaneswar as a ‘Must See’ city in the world

Bhubaneswar, April 12, 2018: On the eve of the 70th Capital Foundation Day, Chief Minister   Naveen  Patnaik on Thursday launched Bhubaneswar Development Authority website ( and a promo video for ‘Visit Bhubaneswar’ showcasing Smart City Bhubaneswar to the world. He also launched the official web-portal ( and logo for Bhubaneswar Smart City. portal and Visit Bhubaneswar video will become the window to capital city for the world.

“The number of initiatives unveiled today will strengthen Bhubaneswar’s emergence as a truly global city, enhance tourism and position it as a ‘Must See’ city in the country and world,” said Patnaik.

“I   remember   the   devastation    caused  by  Super  Cyclone  of  1999  and  how  far  we  have  come  since  then. Bhubaneswar has evolved as a truly Global City. Our cultural heritage, warmth   and hospitality   of people coupled with smart, modern amenities make the Capital city a unique urban experience."

This BSCL logo with  its vibrant colours represent  a fast  developing   smart  city  in the  form  of a butterfly   signifying  growth,   motion  and youthful   energy.  The five  colours  used in the logo trace their  origin  to  the  five  visions  of  Bhubaneswar   Smart  City  proposal -Liveable  city,  Eco-friendly   city,  Child Friendly city, Transit-oriented   city and emergence  of Bhubaneswar  as a Regional Economic Hub.

The square shapes represent strength,   solidarity,    purpose,   symmetry,    professionalism    and efficiency.   The shaded colours  given to  the  boxes arranged  creatively  in different   shapes along  with  the  Wi-Fi  symbol  signifies the element  of technology.

To promote  and brand  Bhubaneswar  as the  HUB of education,  sports,  IT and heritage  tourism,   a circle has been used to creatively  carve out the word  “HUB” out of Bhubaneswar.

Liveable City:  Blue color   implies   integrity,    sincerity,   calm;   associated   with   authority and success; implies professionalism, serious mindedness. Eco-Friendly:  Green colour   emphasizes natural   and ethical credentials.   Other meaning ascribed to it includes growth, vitality and freshness. Child Friendly: Yellow color represents warm, welcoming and friendly

Transport:  Red color implies passion, energy and dynamic nature of city

Economic Development:   Purple color associated with wealth, richness, ambition and stability.

BSCL Website

The Bhubaneswar Smart City Limited (BSCL) has come up with its 'Smart' website which features all important aspects of BSCL, ongoing and upcoming projects and announcements.

In  line  with   its  vision  of  promoting    universal  accessibility   at  every  stage  and  every  project,   this  BSCL official website  has been designed  as inclusive  for  all by having differently-abled    friendly  features  such as screen reader, font  enhancement   and color  contrast  to ensure that  each and every  person  can access and use the website.  The website  also has home  page which  connects  almost  the  entire  website   and  provides  a summary  of the  entire activities  to the  user on a single  page. The web  portal  features  details  on the  Board  of  Directors,  organogram, child friendly  city features,  details  and updates  on each of the  projects,  events,  and last but  not the  least, details about  the  Smart  City Contest,  Smart  City Mission  and Challenge,  Bhubaneswar   Smart  City  Proposal,  vision  and details  on Area Based Development   and Pan-City Proposal along with  socially  smart  initiatives   being undertaken by the city.

While    under  the  "Know   Bhubaneswar"   segment  it describes the  transformation    of the  city from  temple  city to planned city and towards  a child friendly  smart  city and it's emergence  as a regional  education  hub and gateway to Golden Triangle in Odishan tourism  industry.  It also projects the city's potential as a proposed UNESCO World Heritage City as it has the largest density of protected monuments. The website has also incorporated   city's natural resources, heritage, art and 'culture, economic growth, connectivity and civic administration among others. Website

This all-in-one  city website  showcases the city and its rich heritage, art, culture,  architecture,  cuisines, traditions, natural                treasures,  urban  development   and tourist  information   etc. for visitors  planning  to explore  the city. The one-of-its     kind portal  presents  a sort  of visual walkthrough   of the  entire  city with  interesting  photographs  and videos on the city, for any visitor  wishing to explore and experience  Bhubaneswar.

The portal has five major segments:  Explore, Experience, Stay, Taste and 'This is Bhubaneswar'.  Under explore segment                detailed description with photographs can be seen on heritage circuits,  temples,  parks and recreation facilities,                shopping centers and gateways. Similarly, visitors  can experience  museums, tours  and shows, festivals, events and exhibitions  and sports  amenities  in the  city,  envisioned  as the  emerging  sports  capital  of India, by visiting the experience segment.

Visitors  can find  details  with   photographs   on  the  best  places to  stay  in  Bhubaneswar  including  government accommodations,   budget  hotels  and luxury  hotels.  For the foodies  the  portal  presents the  best of multi-cuisine restaurants  in the  city  along with  exclusive Odia cuisines, temple  cuisines, and local sweets  delicacies. To the culinary enthusiasts  who wish to try  preparing  typical  Odia dishes, the  portal  has a special segment under learn local in taste segment.

History   and  evolution    of   Bhubaneswar   has  been  beautifully    documented    and   presented   under   'This  is Bhubaneswar'  which  also showcases the  best of art and crafts  in the city along with  vivid  presentation  of must see places in the city. This segment also provides weather,  event calendar and important  tourist  information  such as transport,   emergency   contacts,   and  safety  tips  along  with   easy  communication    tips  for   conversing  in vernacular Odia language.

Visit Bhubaneswar video

Bhubaneswar's  beauty  from  a visitor's  perspective  is captured  through   this  short  video  film  of  2 minutes  15 seconds duration.  Odissi dancer from  Argentina  Anandini  Dasi, who has made the Temple City her second home, is the  protagonist  in this short-film.  The film  progresses as she travels  across the  city's  beautiful  State Botanical Garden  adjoining   Kanjia  Lake, Nandankanan,  wades  through   the  beautiful   orchidarium   and  then  moves  to picturesque  Ekamra Kanan witnessing  a great cactus collection,  numerous  gardens while  enjoying the  beauty of its lake and lovely birds. After  the green sojourn, Anandini  visits the  meticulously  curated  and maintained  Tribal Museum  near CRP Square, State  Museum  near  Kalpana Square before  getting  into  soulful  meditation   at the historic caves and iconic Jain heritage sites Khandagiri and Udayagiri.

Reaching the heritage treasure of Old Town area, which, in the past was known as Ekamra Kshetra as a major Shiva Shrine, she explores the beautiful  Ekamra Van medicinal  plant garden on the  bank of holy Bindusagar lake, majestic temples  of Lord Lingaraj and Mukteswar  and finally reaches the  Dhauli International Peace Pagoda as it stands as a mute spectator of Kalingan valour near the Daya river valley and the place of historic Kalinga War. It was this place, where, after inning the historic   war Emperor Ashoka's historic transformation from "Chandashoka" to "Dharrnashoka" happened and the entire world benefitted from the teachings and philosophy of Buddha. The protagonist meditates near the Buddha statue to feel the  aura of the  historic land followed  by the beautiful light and sound show at the pagoda which also finds its place in the video.

The video also features cultural hub of Rabindra Mandap and Kalinga Stadium, the epicentre of sports in the city, the emerging sports capital  of India, as the city is gearing up to host Hockey World  Cup towards  the end of this year.

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