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NGOs roped in to achieve zero casualty in disasters

Bhubaneswar, June 18, 2018: The Inter Agency Group (IAG), Odisha organised the GO-NGO Coordination meeting of all key stakeholders of the Government and CSOs on Monday here with an aim to develop awareness and collecting feedback and recommendations to improve coordination mechanism in Disaster Risk Reduction and to develop a framework to guide it.

Special Relief Commissioner and OSDMA Managing Director Bishnupada Sethi said the State Government is committed for collaboration with NGOs and private players to achieve zero casualty in disasters.

Terming lightning, drowning and snake bites are emerging as biggest killers, he said such incidents can be prevented and precious lives can be saved with proper awareness.

“Water stress is fast emerging as a new challenge with ground water level sinking down. There are different ways and means of countering these disasters and minimizing their distressing effect. GO-NGO coordination would strengthen and intensify both the preventive and management actions,” he said.

The consultation aimed at developing mechanism for coordination between government and NGOs and also to enhance emergency coordination among government departments, state headquarters and district administration, and NGOs to ensure quick and efficient response to floods and cyclone in the state and strengthen district level coordination mechanism.

The consultation also aimed to brainstorm and create awareness on NGO Response Protocol and government-non government co-ordination for emergencies in Odisha.

It collated insights, analyzed ideas and experiences of participants to move beyond the most obvious issues in the sector and ensured a platform for constructive thinking towards a more inclusive planning and implementation of Response Protocol and GO-NGO Co-ordination mechanism for preparedness and response in Emergencies.

The consultation created further awareness and sensitization on the role of NGOs in Disaster Management, improved GO-NGO coordination in different phases of disaster cycle, and collected recommendations to develop a framework.

The participants in the coordination consultation included representatives from key government departments, international NGOs, and national and State/districts level NGOs, along with volunteers and professionals working on Disaster Management.

Established in March 2004, Inter Agency Group-Odisha is a consortium of 22 international agencies ensuring minimum humanitarian standards in disaster risk reduction and management with unified action and improved coordination in the state.

Odisha with it geo-physical and socio-economic position is vulnerable to different kinds of disasters, both man-made and natural.

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